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Barrett. People of Los Angeles must be aware of Eli Borad, the art world titan. Tell us by commenting below. Julius Caesar was a Roman military genius and ruler, to say the least. He was also instrumental in passing a gay rights ordinance in the 1970s. From the infamous French leader Napoleon Bonaparte to the not-so historically important, yet culturally significant Napoleon Dynamite, this name has made across all the cultures in the last 300 years. It a unique name and quickly catching up in popularity. The name Franklin has an air of loyalty and bravery. The meaning of Angus is ‘one strength’. Meaning ‘brave lion’, the name is strong and ferocious with a sweet vibe. One of the uncommon strong boy names, Berk of Turkish origin means “firm and solid.”. It’s pronounced as Kill-on, which may lead the little one to go astray. This name is rising in popularity for its trendy ‘Ry’ beginning and its two-syllable rhythm. A common name it actually is of French origin and means a strong warrior. Benaiah – this strong boy name comes from the bible and refers to one of the bible’s greatest warriors! You can shorten this name to Zeke, but it sounds more powerful in its full form. Time to regain Alpine energy with the name that means “bear strength”. It means ‘strong’. So, if you have a strong last name then this could go well with it and make it sound regal. Farrell This surname (popularly associated with … It’s most badass bearer is Wyatt Earp, the wild west hero and badass frontier officer. The name would surely make a unique pick. Dallas. Video: 50 Best Strong & Powerful Baby Boy Names with their Meanings, List of 100 Strong & Powerful Baby Boy Names, Godparent Proposal Ideas to Ask Someone to Be Your Baby’s Godfather/Godmother, How to Pick the Best Diaper to Ensure Your Baby’s Good Health, Baptism Decoration Ideas for Your Child’s Precious Day, Top 90 Scandinavian Last Names or Surnames, How Being a Single Parent Kid Affects your Love Life, Dad Creates 10 Stunning Disney Lunches For His Kids’ Tiffin. It is an English baby boy name meaning ‘guide, wood, or wide’. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. The name means “warrior” in Scandinavian. Berk. An imaginary bird associated with the sun in Egypt, it means “dark-red” in  Greek. Choosing a unique boy name can be challenging, as how distinctive it is will depend on the context. The name means “strong like bamboo” in Japanese. From strong boy names that have withstood the test of time to invented trendy names, there's an all-American name for every little boy. Colden. Tractor Baby Pants. The name has more character than most of the classic baby names. The meaning of Valentine is ‘strong’. Fidel Castro was one of the most prominent faces of the Cuban revolution. In Iceland, people live with a warrior spirit. The meaning of Etan is ‘firm and powerful’. Strong boy names for babies are not in shortage and Adir of Hebrew origin is one of them. Fancy a name with an English origin? Then, Kendrick is one and means “bold power”. One of the most timeless strong baby boy names, Ethan is a top 10 favorite and comes from the Old Testament. Some of these boy names are celebrity inspired, some are gaining popularity and some are downright made-up (although I am sure they exist somewhere). Even Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou chose this name for their son. Alexander William. You are sure to raise a son with an iron will. The word boy evokes a masculine feeling. Osiris is the name of the Egyptian mythological god who dies and takes rebirth every year. Pick this for a name with an Italian origin. The name means “God’s power.” It has risen in popularity after Harry Potter has a figure named Godric Gryffindor in its series. The name sounds very modern and unique. A beautiful sounding name, it’s a great choice for parents who want something different. This name has been on the US popularity list since the 1930s. Igor is a Scandinavian name for “heroic warrior”. [ Read: Baby Boy Names That Mean Prince ]. You can keep Andrew as a short form for Andreas. © 2010-2020 The name means “strong fighter” and is of Celtic origin. Garrett is an Irish name, which was once in the top 100 list, but slipped in popularity. This name received some fame from the 50s to 80s along with its cousin Kirk but is not heard much now. It means ‘counsel power’. A colloquial term in spoken English, the name Guy is of French origin. This is one of the most unusual and unique Biblical names. These names were inspired by great people of African descent. It means a “leader”. The most distinguished and powerful bearer of this name is newsman Forest Sawyer. Greeks have often been associated with power, strength and masculinity. The name Angus is moving rapidly from old Scottish name to hip American. Harvey Milk was the first gay politician to be elected to the office. Benji – Another form of Benjamin, a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “son of the right hand”. Kenji is a Japanese name with several meanings- “intelligent second son”, “strong” and “vigorous”. Aristotle contributed in every field of human knowledge. The name is of Scottish origin and means “strong warrior”. The meaning of Kenzo is ‘strong and healthy’. Oswald. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, led India against the rule of the British in India. It appears in Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”. All rights reserved. The origin is unknown but the name means “strong ruler”. Different, powerful and strong, the name is short and sweet. Extremely popular with several celebrities sharing this name that includes singer Lionel Richie, it is Latin for “lion.”. A beautiful short name that will go well with all family names. In reality, Godric was popular as a saint in middle England during the 11th century. A perfect choice to get your son to be so in future. It’s an English name, meaning ‘strong, little warrior’. Anthony David. We loved the pleasing sound of this name. Archer. It was also the nickname of George B. McClellan and Douglas MacArthur. Christian. It can also be shortened to the popular Ken which means strong in Japanese. The name sounds different and will sound great with a perfect last name. But do not pronounce the name as May-nerd. With other ‘O’ names like Osmond, Osgood and Ozias gaining popularity, Oz would also make a viable choice. The name itself sounds magnificent and regal. The name means “healthy guardian”. He had fought the economic stagnation of Europe last year with a course of quantitative easing. But it was also borne by the third-century martyr, St. Valentine, whose birthday is celebrated as the modern Valentine’s Day. Antin. This name can also be used for a little girl and is ranked #510 in the popularity chart, according to Nameberry. Top 4 Pregnancy Fears And How To Overcome Them? Of Finnish origin, the name means “helmet warrior”. Arsenio is a Spanish name, meaning ‘virile and strong’. This name means “defender of the people” and is often used as a strong first name for boys, but sometimes shortened down to Alex as well. So it goes without saying that parents having a boy want a name that spells strength, courage and dynamism. Bernard. We don’t think it can get more powerful than this. Andreas is the New Testament Greek variation of Andrew, meaning ‘strong and manly’. This name is Scottish and means “fair warrior”. It was mentioned in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The name looks beautiful when written, but its pronunciation is not very appealing. Short, sweet and contemporary, this Arabic name means “saviour”. Gabriel was the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus Christ’s birth. Irish Strong Boy Names. A very strong country baby name. Another name for “warrior”, this one is of English origin. Narendra Modi, India’s current Prime Minister, is the second most followed politician on Twitter after Barack Obama. This powerful name has been borne by several notable figures across history, for example Stephen F Austin, the American empresario. Benton – Of English origin meaning “bent grass enclosure”. He’s indeed one of the most powerful people of our generation. He played a critical role in the rise of the Roman Empire. George Clooney one of the most popular actors of Hollywood. Zale has a catchy sound and an appealing meaning. It’s a plausible pick for parents with roots going back to Glasgow. 21 Strong Boy Names With Amazing Meanings Lisa Milbrand Strong boy names range from classic names with a little more gravitas and a related meaning, to tough boy names with rock ’n’ roll swagger. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Strong and Masculine Popular Boy Names. Malin is a name that comes from England. In the past decade, the name rocketed from #30 to #151. Kano is a Japanese name, meaning ‘masculine power’ or ‘capability.’ It’s one of the most pleasing crossover names. This old Cornish name got an entirely new identity via Denzel Washington. The name is of Celtic origin and means “mythical warrior”. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Because you only want to give your son the best, the name you choose for him should reflect that: it should be unique, meaningful and beautiful. The name in Arabic means “ strength” and has a nice lilt to it. If you are looking for an entrepreneur’s name, you must definitely consider Rupert as Rupert Murdoch is a media baron and a multi-billionaire. This Korean name is well-known in the other parts of the world as well. The 32nd US president Franklin Roosevelt managed to keep the spirits of the country alive even during the recession and World War II. Best of luck finding a name for your little man! Maximus (Max): A classic strong name meaning “Greatest”. A baby boy’s name meaning ‘Fortress’ (yes the same as Chester). Oz is a Hebrew name, denoting power and strength. The actor was named after the doctor who delivered him. If you wish your son to be as fierce as a lion, then opt for this German name which literally means “lion strength”. Valentine is an attractive Shakespearean name with romantic associations. The meaning of Griffin is ‘strong lord’. This spiritual leader to 1.2 billion people in the world deserves the place in this list. Now that’s one powerful name. But do you know what it means? Griffin is the name of a mythological creature with the half body of a lion and half of eagle. The name means “sea strong” in English and if you love the tenacity of the sea, you will love it. It means “divine power” and has literary connections. Kaspen. Andrew, meaning ‘manly and strong’, is a perfect name for your little one. A French name that means “knight of the lion”. Of Irish origin, the name means “helmet of will”. So, it’s sure to make a unique name for your son. The name Muhammad was the most popular in the UK last year. Brian is one of the most famous Irish imports baby boy names. It means ‘firm and strong’, but sounds cheerful. Greyson. In Hebrew, Yaden means “strong”. You must have guessed whom we are referring to here. It was, for long, considered the exclusive property of Mr. Hall, but is now being adopted by others as well. Kenzo is a popular Japanese name with several creative bearers, like Kenzo Takada, the prize-winning architect, Kenzo Okada, the painter and Kenzo, the fashion designer. A popular last name, it means “strong warrior in Welsh and is gaining popularity as a first name. This is also a Hebrew name and means “strength”. It may come as a surprise to most of you, but the venerable St. Arnold was Greek by birth. He was one of the ablest leaders and the prime minister of the UK during the World War II. Coincidentally, the name means ‘battle worthy’. The most notable namesake is Andreas Feininger, the famous photographer. A typical English name, Farris means “iron”. If you are looking for a name for your son that will make other boys hesitate to pick on him in the school, check out our list below. Of Irish origin, the name means “war” or “strife”. Another name with a Hebrew origin, it has a powerful meaning. According to Baby Center, the name is Hebrew for "strong," "safe," and "firm." Marin With ties to Wales and England, it has a royal ring to it as well. Ryker is a Danish name, which means ‘superior strength’. The name rolls three personalities into one to make sure your son is a leader by birth. He was also the youngest person to serve as the country. The name means powerful and been made popular by the Hollywood star Denzel Washington. Nelson Mandela was the first, democratically elected president of South Africa and the leader of the Anti-Apartheid movement. The Irish have their own style and panache and this name resonates the same. He worked towards his goal relentlessly until his assassination in 1865. This Norwegian name means strong warrior and could inspire your son to take up strong causes. Malin. In the year 2015, this name ranked 11th in terms of popularity. Anyston. It means “powerful in battle.”. Etan is the Hebrew form of the name Ethan. Larry Page is the self-made billionaire and CEO of Alphabet, the publicly traded company, which includes Google, Google X Lab, Nest, Calico and Fiber. Edric is an English name, meaning ‘power and good fortune’. The name means ‘powerful’. Casper. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. It’s the short form of Ozni, who was Jacob’s grandson in the Bible. A Hebrew name that means strength. John F. Kennedy, John Adams, Pope John Paul II, John Quincy Adam have all been famous. There could be no name more compelling for your son than Austin, which means ‘great and magnificent’. It is popular as a last name but makes a great first name too. Hunting for a powerful and strong name on the internet is cumbersome. This list of names will give you the inspiration you need to choose a strong name for your son! Abelardo – It is a Latino name which means strong and noble. Here’s our top boys names that have their meanings derived from names meaning strong and courageous. Strong Boy Names For Babies. He started off as nothing but ended up being the basis of all science for more than 2,000 years. Timber. It may come as a surprise to most of you, but the venerable St. Arnold was Greek by birth. Strong Boy names are the epitome of "Boy-ness"… So if you are looking for a name that other kids will hesitate to pick on in the school yard, check out these ones. His biggest ever deal happened last year in August when he paid $37bn to industrial and aerospace parts maker Castparts. It is common among the politicians too. The most crucial time for a leader to show his real worth is in the face of adversity, and Winston Churchill shone brightly at the task. The Hebrew name which means “God is my strength” is popular because of its religious significance. [ Read: Baby Boy Names Inspired By Kings ]. Griffith is another variant of Griffin and means “strong Lord” in Welsh. Isn’t that a lovely name? Gladiators may have originally been Romans but the Greek coined a term for them. And, who cannot but think of the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. The following are Irish male names that signify strength, bravery, and power: Brandon – A brave and vigilant person; Briac – He who has force and strength; Brion – A strong man with many virtues; Brisan – Man of valor and strength, another variation is “Brison.” Bry – A man of strength power and strength Oswald is a name that means divine power. Whether an old classic, or a newer and trendier name, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect strong, rustic boys name for your little man. In Greek, it means “avenger”. Barrett is a German name, meaning ‘bear strength’. Flamma means “gladiator” in Greek and the name sounds really contemporary. He’s considered one of the most selfless and enlightened rulers of his time. Powerful boy names might be those that literally mean power or strength, such as Andrew and Ethan, or those that simply sound macho: Rock is an exaggerated example. From brilliant entrepreneur, politicians, investors to presidents, here’s our list of powerful men with equally strong names. Denzel is a variation of Denzell. A strong and powerful baby name gives an extra measure of strength to the child. 57. These boy names are poised to be huge in 2020. Choosing the right name for your son is no longer a challenging task with this personal guide that lists names from popular to rare with meanings and origins. Jacob Zuma was elected as the president of South Africa in 2009. Pick this for a benevolent and brave boy. Rupert is the German form of Robert. Of Cornish origin, it can be spelt with just one “l” too. Another one that means “strength”. This name will go with any last name. Luckily, there are plenty sources of information you can draw from to choose a unique name … We love these tough-guy names because they have a confident air to them, often thanks to the letters X or Z (think Axel or Zander). Although spelt as Makin, it is pronounced as “Ma-Kee-n” in Arabic. The name was an inspiration for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Forrest is one of the most modern of all the powerful and strong appellations. Famous Chester’s include Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park), Chester Carlson and Chester Taylor. There have been several King Henrys over the years. 22 Most Romantic Baby Boy Names Of All Time, 200 Most Popular Baby Boy Names With Meanings, 150 Nice, Beautiful, And Cute Baby Boy Names, 28 Home Remedies To Get Relief From Vomiting And Nausea During Pregnancy. When parents search for baby names for boys, they look for this criterion: it should be intense, powerful and must be able to stand the test of time. The arduous journey of making your wriggly … Name your bonny boy Nolan and it is already the last name of Christopher Nolan. Raise a man with an undying spirit with this one. As a name, Jacob continues to rise in popularity. Azeil is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is my power’. A common name but yet has retained its originality. Rinaldo is the Italian version of the name Reginald. A beautiful name which sounds so melodic. Uzziah is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘Jehovah is my friend’. The final ‘o’ in this name is adding a macho touch to it. He was one of the vampires in Breaking Dawn. Sounds a little long, but this German name means a “strong boar and brave”. It is an English name meaning “church official.” Today, we do not see it as a religious name, but we consider the name Dean to have a retro or surfer boy sound. The name means “strong” in Latin and is a quirky yet powerful name. So, why not pick one from our list of 103 strong Korean names for boys. Baylor He went on to become the prime minister and president of Cuba. It’s sure to appeal to parents looking for a unique Old Testament name. For those parents with Spanish roots, this one sounds unique and means “ strong”. Yes, we all know that Bernard is the first name of the saint who lived in the Alps. So which one are you planning to choose for him? You can consider this name for your baby girl too! Elron. It also sounds great with any second name. This name is very common in Israel. Kamdon. 100 Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings, 100 Popular Hungarian Surnames Or Last Names, With Meanings, 20 Beautiful Five-Letter Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 250+ Latest, Popular And Unique Indian Baby Girl Names. All rights reserved. Pronounced as “ “U- wee” it is irreplaceable. The name belongs to an Egyptian mythological God who is believed to die and take rebirth every year. The meaning of Maoz in Hebrew is ‘strength’. An English name meaning “A bowman”. If you are a fan of history then this could be your choice. Here’s another well used Japanese name, meaning ‘strong as bamboo’. One of the uncommon strong boy names, Berk of Turkish origin means “firm and solid.”. It also has literary associations with Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Anniston. Well, then this one is it. Hunting is in their veins and Ivar in Icelandic means  “bow warrior”. You can pick this one if you fancy a short name that does not need a lot of effort to memorise.

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