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The band toured in the UK and internationally in 1986 and 1987 to capitalise on their high-profile at this time. Bob Last believed that the band could be improved further by the addition of one more professional musician, so in April 1981 his associate Jo Callis (formerly of The Rezillos whom Last had previously managed) was invited to become the final permanent member of the band. [citation needed] Moby and Little Boots are longtime fans of the group. It peaked at No. Jam and Lewis had expressed an interest in working with the band after hearing their US releases. The second single was "Life on Your Own" in mid-1984. The tape contained versions of "Being Boiled," "Toyota City" and "Circus of Death." [30] Also in 2003, Virgin records released The Very Best of The Human League, a DVD of most of their previously recorded music videos. The Human League was a neo- Imperial Corellia -based group active during the decades after the Battle of Endor. This was followed up by an 11-venue tour of Europe in November and December 2006. With the price of electronic components dropping in the mid-1970s, equipment became more affordable for the average consumer; Ware and Marsh purchased a Korg 700S synthesizer together and learned how to play it. songwriter. The album and the single "Empire State Human" failed to make an impact on the charts. Recognizing that we can have even greater impact through collaboration, The Humane League founded the Open Wing Alliance, a coalition composed of 28 of the most effective animal protection groups on six continents. However, the success of the original Oakey and Moroder track encouraged Virgin to release one final single from Hysteria in November 1984, the ballad "Louise" was released and reached No. Jim Russell (1983 – 1987) They signed the band and paired them with producer Ian Stanley (formerly of Tears for Fears). Human League Electro and synth poppers from English Sheffield, with singer Philip Oakley as their everlasting band member, supported by at least seven different colleagues in over thirty years. [6], Before adopting the name the Human League, the band briefly had two previous incarnations. Remixer, vocal recorder, technical engineer. They have had five albums and eight singles in the UK Top 10 and had sold more than 20 million records worldwide by 2010. [7][unreliable source? New to the line-up were keyboardist Neil Sutton who had worked with the band on the Crash tour of 1986, and guitarist/keyboardist Russell Dennett. currently member of Heaven 17. Their musical collaboration combined pop music (such as glam rock and Tamla Motown) with avant-garde electronic music. The band originally comprised of Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware who went on to form the other Sheffield Electronic band Heaven 17 with Glenn Gregory. It had a US No. The Human League discography consists of nine studio albums, one remix album, one live album, eight compilations, five extended plays and over 30 singles. On 11 December 2009, the Human League signed a new recording contract with UK based Wall of Sound. The track was taken from the film soundtrack to Electric Dreams and became a massive hit. The band spent many months agonising as they tried to make a successor to Dare, and as things became ever more stressful, producer Martin Rushent left the project. The music press was scornful of "Oakey and his dancing girls" and treated the new band line-up with derision. The band originally had 6 members. The four-month-long recording sessions were beset with creative disputes, with Jam and Lewis having preconceived ideas on how they wanted the album to sound, rejecting most of the band's material (which would cost the band considerable loss of royalty income). Although "video albums" had been released by bands such as Blondie and ELO as early as 1979, this release was a short (12 mins) video tape cassette in either VHS or Betamax format containing just three tracks (the music videos for "Mirror Man", "Love Action (I Believe in Love)", and "Don't You Want Me"). The EP was released in America as a stop-gap and also became a strong seller as an import in the UK.[15]. Commercially, the album flopped entering the UK album chart at No. A double vinyl edition of Credo was released on 25 July 2011, together with the download of "Sky", the third single from the album. On completion of the tour, Burden went on to his next commitment playing bass guitar in West Berlin. Because of the girls' ages, Oakey and Wright later had to visit Sulley and Catherall's respective parents to obtain permission for the girls to go on the tour. Ware suggested "The Human League", after a group in the science-fiction board game Starforce: Alpha Centauri. Oakey Making electronic synthpop music since 1977 the band is comprised of Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley. By now, longstanding members Adrian Wright and Ian Burden, together with newer recruit Jim Russell, had all left the band, although Jo Callis did return to play on some of the sessions and co-wrote two songs, including the minor hit single "Heart Like a Wheel". With no preamble, Oakey asked both girls to join the tour as dancers and incidental vocalists.[13]. They will play the Dare album in full as well as other songs from their back catalogue. As well as dedicated Human League tours, the band has appeared at many independent concerts and festivals worldwide. Co-founder of The Human League, vocals, This included Philip Oakey playing the Human League's instrumental arrangement of the theme from "Get Carter" on an original Casio VL-Tone from 1981. A six-song EP called Fascination! This was to be the only high-profile TV appearance by the Oakey/Marsh/Ware trio on British television, with the sole exception of BBC2's Mainstream programme in late 1979, organised and presented by the artist Brian Clarke, an early supporter of the band. In 1987, Ian Burden also left the band. percussion and synthesizer. The seven-inch version of "Holiday '80" did well enough to get the band their first TV appearance on BBC TV Top of the Pops on 8 May 1980 opening a Peter Powell presented show with Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll Part 2". The song topped the charts of the United States, becoming the second single by the band to top the Billboard Hot 100 after 1981 single "Don't You Want Me". It also topped the UK airplay charts for several weeks. can find him! Adrian Wright "[19] The band themselves have also consistently and strenuously rejected the label. The single did not chart and had very little in common with the previous work of the Human League. Later that year, success outside of the Human League came for Oakey in the shape of the huge hit single "Together in Electric Dreams", a collaboration with one of his idols, synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Susan Ann Sulley (17) and Joanne Catherall (18) were just schoolgirls on a night out together. He wrote: "The technology may have dated, synths and drum machines may have become more advanced, but few have manipulated technology in such an emotionally effective way." The label required the band to use conventional instruments and vocals as well as synthesizers. The band continue to record and play live, with regular appearances at music festivals worldwide at many of which they are among the headliners. 11 in the UK. 1 single, "Human" (No. Susan Ann Sulley (born 22 March 1963), formerly known as Susanne Sulley and Susan Ann Gayle, is an English singer who is one of the two female vocalists in the synth-pop band The Human League. In February 1983, the band was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the 25th Annual Grammy Awards (though the award eventually went to Men at Work). The Human League's Concert History. The Human League is an English new wave band formed in Sheffield. The tour was completed as advertised with the first date at Doncaster Top Rank but was less than successful. [7][unreliable source? 13 in the UK. The band name is derived from the plot of a classic board game: Starforce Alpha Centauri. In March, Oakey was introduced to veteran producer Martin Rushent. 44 on the UK Albums Chart. composed of the singles "Mirror Man" and "Fascination" together with the new track "I Love You Too Much" was released from the original recording sessions for their new album, later to be named Hysteria. Far from being “humane” to people it disagrees with, The Humane League has a history of unlawful activity conducted in the name of animal rights. [16] In a retrospective review of the album, Stephen Thomas Erlewine, senior editor for AllMusic, gave Dare a five-star rating. Retaining the Human League name came at a heavy price for Oakey; he was responsible for all Human League debts and commitments. Ian Craig Marsh The Human League were one of the headline acts in the line-up at Spillers Wharf on 30 May 2009, in the Newcastle/Gateshead Evolution festival, and were one of the headline bands for Dubai's first music festival, the 'Dubai Sound City' festival, between 5 and 7 November 2009. Sulley has joked that she "has to carry on because she doesn't know how to do anything else".[36]. Rollins was replaced by Rob Barton in 2004. 62 in the singles chart. The Human League are a Sheffield based New Wave Electronic Synth-Pop band fronted by Phil Oakey. ], After a few more low-key, private performances, Ware and Marsh decided to officially form a band. ], In April 1979, the Human League released their first EP on the Fast Product label entitled The Dignity of Labour, which contained four experimental instrumentals. was released in the US by A&M Records and "Don't You Want Me" also reached No. Although a limited release—because it was unique and at odds with everything else on the market—it was picked up on by NME who championed the band, although one guest reviewer, John Lydon of Public Image Limited condemned the band as "trendy hippies."[9]. The Human League was booked to conduct a tour of the UK and Europe from October to November 1980 but the lack of success after two years of hard work and perceived lack of faith by Virgin set about severe internal conflict within the band. Concurrently in 1993 they were invited to work with veteran Japanese electropop band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) which resulted in the EP "YMO Versus The Human League". Song-writer, vocals, producer, This was Philip Oakey's concept of a joint tour of all three bands celebrating the original electronic music of early 1980s Sheffield (the titular Steel City). The band originally had 6 members. Co-founder of The Human League, song-writer, With the price of electronic components dropping in the mid-1970s, equipment became more affordable for the average consumer; Ware and Marsh purchased a Korg Oakey fought the decision believing it would damage the band, but was over-ruled by Draper and "Don't You Want Me" was released in November 1981. Ware's friend Paul Bower of Sheffield new-wave band "2.3", who had just recorded a single for Bob Last's Edinburgh-based independent label Fast Product, took their demo to Last and he signed the band. song-writer, programmer, producer, percussion, synthesizer. Sulley and Catherall who had just left school immediately postponed their plans to attend university to work on the album. synthesizer, guitar, percussion and vocals. Following a brief tenure as the Future, a period during which they added and lost synthesizer player Adi Newton and enlisted vocalist Philip Oakey, they rechristened themselves the Human League. In November and December 2008, the Human League got together with Martin Fry's ABC and Heaven 17 for 'The Steel City Tour' of the UK. The remainder of the concert was dedicated to songs from the band's other albums and also included the Oakey/Moroder song "Together in Electric Dreams". Michelle is a professional photographer who has voluntarily lent her talents to The Humane League, and Adam works as an investment professional. [27] The next album, titled Secrets, was released August 2001, and like previous album Octopus the band was presented as the Oakey, Sulley and Catherall trio, although Neil Sutton was credited with keyboards, and co-wrote most of the material with Oakey. A change in management at EastWest in 1998 saw the cancellation of the band's contract once again. The first result of the Genetic sessions was the single "The Sound of the Crowd." Bob Last quit as manager and was not replaced. Their musical style is mainly considered Folk, Pop, Punk, Rock, Indie, Electrónica, New Wave, Synthpop, Electronic, Art Rock, soft rock, dance rock, new wave pop, disco, new romantic, europop, madchester, post-punk and permanent wave. The other 3 members were Ian Burden, Jo Callis, and Philip Adrian Wright. The Human League discography Studio albums Oakey believed if the band owned their own facilities it would cut down on the production costs of future albums and the band could become more productive. "[7][10][unreliable source? [41], The Human League has influenced many electropop, other synthpop, and mainstream performers including Pet Shop Boys.

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