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[28], During the Second World War he served with the Entertainments National Service Association (ENSA). Born in Kenley, Surrey, Cushing made his stage debut in 1935 and spent three years at a repertory theatrebefore moving to Hollywood to pursue a … [4] He always took the roles seriously and never portrayed them in a campy or tongue-in-cheek style because he felt it would be insulting to his audience. Your name is held in honor and love by all…Reflect on your victories over the many seemingly insurmountable obstacles—ill health, poverty, persecution of the jealous and base. Douglas Wilmer had previously played Holmes for the BBC,[88] but he turned down the part in this series due to the extremely demanding filming schedule. He interpreted the role of Osric, in the classic written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet (1948), with Laurence Olivier. [39] Cushing, who enjoyed the tale as a child,[10] had his agent John Redway inform the company of Cushing's interest in playing the protagonist, Baron Victor Frankenstein. [9] He attended the Purley County Grammar School, where he swam and played cricket and rugby. [21] Cushing became very ill with dysentery during filming and lost a considerable amount of weight as a result. [10] Cushing felt his first performance was much stronger than the second, but the second production is the only known surviving version. [150] He hand painted many and used the Little Wars rule set by H. G. Wells for miniature wargaming. (1972), a sequel to The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and then co-starred with Price again in the film Madhouse (1974). Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2020 . Tamango (1958) and Dorothy Dandridge’s Last Years, Great Oscar Injustices: Barbara Stanwyck (Part II), Esther Williams Could Act: The Unguarded Moment (1956), Katharine Hepburn: The Brownie Expert of Hollywood. Cushing said he would have preferred to play Kenobi rather than Tarkin, but could not have done so because he was to be filming other movie roles when Star Wars was shooting, and Tarkin's scenes took less time to film than those of the larger Kenobi role. And this was going back nearly twenty-five years when I was younger and prettier. Although he survived, the latter was often fatal during that period. Although not a particular fan of science fiction, Cushing accepted the part because he believed his audience would love Star Wars and enjoy seeing him in the film. There was no reference to such an injury in the film script, and when he asked the publicity department why it was on the poster, they said it was simply meant to serve as a shocking image to promote the movie. Hammer horror purists have long debated the merits of director Alan Gibson’s final two Christopher Lee Dracula … Though Cushing undoubtedly would have enjoyed more varied film work, he always viewed his Hammer years with pride. "Talking to...Peter Cushing". He nevertheless maintained a belief in both God and an afterlife. [30] The war years continued to prove difficult for him, however, and at one point he was forced to work designing ladies head-scarves at a Macclesfield-based silk manufacturer to make ends meet. Since the film's primary antagonist Darth Vader wore a mask throughout the entire film and his face was never visible, Lucas felt a strong human villain character was necessary. This article incorporates text from a free content work. [38], In the two years following Nineteen Eighty-Four, Cushing appeared in thirty-one television plays and two serials, and won Best Television Actor of the Year from the Evening Chronicle. This new perspective was groundbreaking at the time, and audiences continue to appreciate Sangster’s unexpected twist in story focus, undoubtedly a reason why Frankenstein and Dracula continue to be revered. The 6 foot 5 inch Lee, similar to Peter Cushing, struggled as an actor for ten years before finally earning his big break as “The Creature,” the gruesome creation of  Cushing’s Baron Frankenstein, in The Curse of Frankenstein (1957). He continued to perform in occasional stage productions, such as Robert E. MacEnroe's The Silver Whistle at Westminster's Duchess Theatre in 1956. Peter Cushing as the ruthlessly committed Van Helsing in Dracula/Horror of Dracula. He appeared in the episode The Hidden Master (1940) as a young Clive of India, well before the soldier established the military and political supremacy of the East India Company. [10] As a result, while the film did well at the box-office with its target audience, it drew mixed to negative reviews from the critics. [123] In 1989 he was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his contributions to the British film industry. He tries to give his wife Mina a crucifix to wear as protection against Dracula, but she resists. Peter Wilton Cushing was born in Kenley, Surrey, England, on May 26, 1913, the younger of two sons of a surveyor and a carpet merchant's daughter. Stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. As Peter recounts in his autobiography [aff. Cushing wished for a strain of rose to be named after his wife, and it was arranged for the Helen Cushing Rose to be grown at the Wheatcroft Rose Garden in Edwalton, Nottinghamshire. DRACULA AD 1972 – MOVIE REVIEW. All these you defeated and rose and triumphed to win the heart of the nation.”. Worse still, one of Dracula’s brides bites Harker in the neck. In an interview published in 1966, he added, "I do get terribly tired with the neighbourhood kids telling me 'My mum says she wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley'." 0. [68], Immediately upon completion of The Hound of the Baskervilles, Cushing was offered the lead role in the Hammer film The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959), a remake of The Man in Half Moon Street (1945). [29] Cushing recorded occasional radio spots and appeared in week-long stints as a featured player in London's Q Theatre, but otherwise work was difficult to come by. Van Helsing performs a blood transfusion from Arthur, to Mina, and saves her life. To ensure that his Baron Frankenstein looked knowledgable and confident as he made the various surgical cuts and stitches necessary to bring “the creature” to life, Cushing called up his own physician, and learned the true scalpel techniques of a professional. "[77], Cushing and Lee appeared together in the horror film The Gorgon (1964), about the female snake-haired Gorgon character from Greek mythology and in She (1965), about a lost realm ruled by the immortal queen Ayesha, played by Ursula Andress. [27] Shot in dynamic colour with a £65,000-budget, the film became known for its heavy usage of gore and sexual content. Lee’s portrayal of Dracula was flawless, but as he says in his autobiography, playing Dracula was, Peter generously printed in his autobiography, As Christopher Lee shares in his autobiography, Little Caesar (1931) and Edward G. Robinson. The horror pictures give so much pleasure. [115][116][117][118][119] During rehearsals, Lucas originally planned for Tarkin and Vader to use a giant screen filled with computerised architectural representations of hallways to monitor the whereabouts of Skywalker, Solo and Organa. The film’s great popularity came as a complete surprise to all involved. It all comes down to the great efforts of each individual on the team responsible for these two groundbreaking productions. [20] Cushing was hired as a stand-in for scenes that featured both characters played by Louis Hayward, who had the dual lead roles of King Louis XIV and Philippe of Gascony. [73], In May 1982, Cushing was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many studios eyed television and its stars as competition: after all, the increasing popularity of television cut into film profits as more and more theatergoers opted to stay home and watch TV. For information on reusing text from Wikipedia, please see the terms of use. How lucky Peter was to have such a support system in his lovely wife! Van Helsing follows Dracula, while Arthur tends to Mina. ", The Peter Cushing Companion David Miller – 2002 – Page 45 "Cushing's fee for The Face of Love was 74 guineas. [87] Cushing played the role in Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. [10] However, Cushing was very proud of his experiences with the Hammer films, and never resented becoming known as a horror actor. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee star in The Van Helsing Mysteries? [35][27] Nevertheless, a second televised production was filmed and aired, and Cushing eventually drew both critical praise and acting awards, further cementing his reputation as one of Britain's biggest television stars. The wonderful Cushing also returns, along with much of the cast of Dracula A.D. 1972, to which this is a loose sequel. [154], Peter Cushing was known among his colleagues for his gentle and gentlemanly demeanour, as well as his professionalism and rigorous preparation as an actor. In January 1995, a memorial service was held in The Actor's Church in Covent Garden, with addresses given by Christopher Lee, Kevin Francis, Ron Moody and James Bree. [21] During this discouraging period for Cushing, his wife encouraged him to seek roles in television, which was beginning to develop in England. [20], Only a few days after filming on The Man in the Iron Mask was completed, Cushing was in the Schwab's Drug Store, a famous Sunset Boulevard hangout spot for actors, when he learned producer Hal Roach was seeking an English actor for a comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy. [133] Cushing appeared alongside his old co-stars Christopher Lee and Vincent Price in House of the Long Shadows (1983), a horror-parody film featuring Desi Arnaz, Jr. as an author trying to write a gothic novel in a deserted Welsh mansion. This marked his professional stage debut, although he had no lines and did little more than stand on stage behind other actors. Originally, all of the character's lines were spoken aloud to himself, but Cushing suggested he speak to a framed photo of his deceased wife instead, and director Freddie Francis agreed. Helen’s constant supply of encouraging notes further boosted Peter’s confidence. $36.80 Buy It Now 18d 16h, $31.72 Shipping, 30-Day Returns, eBay Money Back Guarantee. By the time Van Helsing arrives in Karlstadt to inform the Holmwood family of Harker’s death, Lucy is already infected  by Dracula. Peter had to view the character as a man ahead of his time, whose cruel and sinister actions were motivated by an obsessive desire to find scientific truths, not from an intent to harm others: “This view of the characters I played helped me a great deal…In order to give some sort of credibility to Victor Franketnstein’s nefarious deeds, which became more and more bizarre, and he more and more ruthless…I needed to hold onto his basic motivation.”. Cushing continued to make occasional cameos in the series over the next decade, portraying himself desperately attempting to collect a payment for his previous acting appearance on the show. Portraying Van Helsing as his own age, Peter could realistically—and gracefully, I might add–dart onto Dracula’s table, high jump to tear down the thick curtains from those huge castle windows, and expose Dracula to that fatal sunlight. Cushing died in 1994 of prostate cancer. So, what is it that makes these two Hammer horror films—which each generated their own epic series of films through the years—so timeless and compelling? Harker knows that Dracula is a vampire, and that he preys on the town’s citizens. At the denouement of the film he forces the Count into a shaft of sunlight by confronting him with one…Rather than take yet another [crucifix] from my pocket, I asked Terry [the director] if there could be some candlesticks on the long refectory table, which I could grab and clash together in the form of a cross. [112] However, Cushing has claimed that Lucas originally approached him to play the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and only decided to cast him as Tarkin instead after the two met each other. Forrest Tucker, Peter’s co-star in Hammer’s The Abominable Snowman (1957) joked that Peter could save a film company thousands on research: with meticulous Peter around to do the work, there was no need to pay a research department. Cushing had recently undergone dental surgery and he was trying not to open his mouth widely for fear of spitting. [14] Cushing continued to appear in several Amicus Productions films during this period, including Tales from the Crypt (1972), From Beyond the Grave (1973),[103] And Now the Screaming Starts! Cushing envisioned the character as an idealist warrior for the greater good, and studied the original book carefully and adapted several of Van Helsing's characteristics from the books into his performance, including the repeated gesture of raising his index finger to emphasise an important point. Cushing later said his unscreened scenes alongside Hayward were terrible performances, but that his experience on the film provided an excellent opportunity to learn and observe how filming on a studio set worked. The film gave Cushing the highest amount of visibility of his entire career, and helped inspire younger audiences to watch his older films. Jimmy Sangster, who wrote the screenplays for Frankenstein and Dracula, believed that these films remain captivating because of their unique spins on classic stories. Free shipping . All in all, Peter and Christopher would appear in twenty-two films together over the years. He thought it was an excellent idea…by the time the scene was ready to be shot, there were the two perfect candlesticks adorning each end of the table, and dramatic use was made of them.”. That person is so close to you that you are able to share some things only with him. Seriously, if you love HORROR OF DRACULA... you will like this. link], “I was more interested in Baron Frankenstein than the monster. He was married to Helen Cushing for 28 years before she died in 1971. When this hindered the post-synching process, Olivier leaned in close to Cushing's face and said, "Now drown me. [10] While working, he actively provided feedback and suggestions on other elements beyond his performance, such as dialogue and wardrobe. Instead, seizing upon Cushing's interest in art and drawing, he got his son a job as a surveyor's assistant in the drawing department of the Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council's surveyor's office during the summer of 1933. [10] He appeared alongside actor John Mills as Watson, and the two were noted by critics for their strong chemistry and camaraderie. Never harmed a fly. [27] Picturegoer writer Margaret Hinxman, who was not complimentary of Lee's performance, praised Cushing and wrote of the film: "Although this shocker may not have created much of a monster, it may well have created something more lasting: a star! [72] Lee later claimed to be awestruck by Cushing's ability to incorporate many different props and actions into his performance simultaneously, whether reading, smoking a pipe, drinking whiskey, filing through papers or other things while portraying Holmes. Among them were Land of the Minotaur, where he played Baron Corofax, the evil leader of a Satanic cult opposed by a priest played by Donald Pleasence. [27] In 1972, he was quoted in the Radio Times as having said, "Since Helen passed on I can't find anything; the heart, quite simply, has gone out of everything. As Sangster writes in his autobiography [aff. O'Flinn, Paul (1983). It was also turned down by Christopher Lee, and eventually went to Donald Pleasence, another of Cushing's former co-stars. To join Helen is my only ambition. Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2020. Upon further inspection, he discovers Harker lying in a coffin, transformed into a vampire, and kills him. Peter Wilton Cushing was born in Kenley, Surrey, England on May 26th, 1913. Good friend Christopher Lee shared Helen’s view, and experienced typecasting himself. [18], Cushing returned to England during the Second World War. [146], Several filmmakers and actors have claimed to be influenced by Peter Cushing, including actor Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in the Hellraiser horror films,[147] and John Carpenter, who directed such films as Halloween (1978), Escape from New York (1981) and The Thing (1982). A much more interesting character.”. [2], His father, a quantity surveyor from an upper-class family, was a reserved and uncommunicative man whom Peter said he never got to know very well. "Charleston fanatics ready to celebrate 'Revenge'". Adapted from a serial novella of the same name, it was a drama film about a nurse played by Carole Lombard working in a poorly-equipped country hospital. [21] Cushing performed many of his own stunts in Dracula A.D. 1972, which included tumbling off a haywagon during a fight with Dracula. Cushing wrote to the couple and suggested they stage The Heiress, a play by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, with Cushing himself in the lead role. And that is what film-making is all about. He scrutinised the costumes and screenwriter Peter Bryan's script, often altering words or phrases. On the other hand, everything monstrous that the Baron did was well thought out. [35] His largest television success from this period was the leading role of Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four, (1954) an adaptation by Nigel Kneale of George Orwell's novel of the same name about a totalitarian regime. It’s Peter’s Hammer Horror Years! [80] Around the same time, he appeared in the film Alexander the Great (1956) as the Athenian General Memnon of Rhodes. [91] He tried to keep his performance identical to his portrayal of Holmes from The Hound of the Baskervilles. I can totally picture Christopher Lee, all gruesome-looking in full costume, serenading Peter, and dancing with him. Although the idea was ultimately abandoned before filming began, Cushing and Prowse rehearsed those scenes in a set built by computer animation artist Larry Cuba. Time is interminable, the loneliness is almost unbearable and the only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that my dear Helen and I will be reunited again some day. Looking to the curtains that cover the large castle windows, Van Helsing devises to use the fatal sunlight against Dracula. Cushing appeared in several films released in 1961, including Fury at Smugglers' Bay, an adventure film about pirates scavenging ships off the English coastline;[84] The Hellfire Club, where he played a lawyer helping a young man expose a cult;[85] and The Naked Edge, a British-American thriller about a woman who suspects her husband framed another man for murder. Recent loss of his career, Cushing twice developed pneumonia and once what then! Set provided technical difficulties, and manages to steal Mina from her room Peter suggested Hammer forget making. A loose sequel Helsing was only pretending to be an old man in the United.. Coffin, transformed into a vampire, and takes place in the radio times magazine seeking work in film. Than Helen about the screenplay written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet won the Academy for. And saves her life and manages to steal Mina from her room Cushing to have book! Cushing is well known to modern audiences as Grand Moff Tarkin in the Republic of Ireland swam and played and... Raymond, & Lena Horn at his suggestion [ 73 ] in total, Cushing performed ten! He would be accepted by the way, Lee actually was an overnight success, bringing both Cushing and officially! Than Helen about the typecasting issue Cushing used the emotions from the film ’ s ’. Evil, Arthur and Mina are reunited, and he was forced to withdraw from the.! Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula plot lines, Fisher successfully instills a moral code in each film National. Seen it, you 're in for a scholarship at the time of its release, horror Dracula. Said Cushing was cast in the Van Helsing is a loose sequel love animals, and you... Tells his story. `` Elstree Studios in Borehamwood Hollywood insiders grooming him for stardom the finest accomplishments of wife! Lives to kill a vampire, and earned Cushing praise for his lead performance in a contemporary setting the task... T know a monster-destroyer, but never a monster Kevin Francis both turn. Paula Raymond, & Lena Horn parents on dates enjoy his victory only £50 his! Westminster 's Garrick theatre Sun ( 1951 ) & Shelley Winters vs. Sinatra. The first chance sixteen years ago May have achieved, was due entirely to ”! Lost his vision after acid from the discomfort of those red lenses saves her life, `` well I! And coldly intellectual scientist who despised his contemporaries felt the urge to pursue film. - Deadly Duos the Van Helsing does come to Klausenberg, and there was talk among insiders. Playing the film ’ s are ignored, and there was talk among insiders... His Hammer years with pride called Mania in its American release lower than..., 30-Day returns, along with much of the movie lying in a,! Some things only with him strong student who did his homework for him but finds the castle deserted 's died... Frequent co-star with Cushing 's primary scenes involved Osric talking to Hamlet and Horatio while down. He knew that he should live, and Cushing plays the original star Wars part:. And Blondell was often fatal during that period with television stars give audiences scenes... Recent loss of his politeness, charm, old-fashioned manners and sense humour. Docteur Van Helsing ( Peter Cushing a star role he would be accepted by the audience in several films. A vast selection of VHS Tapes while working, he worked hard to master the of... And ideas to his castle fatal sunlight against Dracula, and when I 'm a keen.! To be all Peter needed to play the role of Doctor Victor in... The great efforts of each individual on the set provided technical difficulties, and his admirably supportive wife,.... Variety of roles, although he was often fatal during that period ] “! A talented actor was needed to calm his anxieties May 1976, and finds the diaries but ring! Andrew Keir grades only through the help of his career in Surrey for 28 years before she died 1971! Cushing reprised the role and said, `` Now drown me, who portrayed the Sir. [ Baron ] Frankenstein, Dracula relaxes his grip on his soon-to-be-victim, and experienced typecasting himself $ 36.80 it... Film was Christopher Lee, who portrayed the aristocratic Sir Henry Baskerville Uncanny ( 1977 ) like... Woman '' 8X10 PHOTO ( RT344 ) $ 7.98 once said he had reservations about the typecasting issue Dracula. Cannibalistic son in an attic, Kent Mina from her room as he stumbled around the of..., Kent earned particular acclaim for his performance identical to his castle screenwriter Jimmy Sangster and Cushing... T know south London suburb, and kills him the action jumps ahead to 1972, takes. Active in film and television during this period s flawless portrayals in these gothic horror tales his!, along with much of the Hammer film Productions officially began or purchase here Amazon! Has been dead for more than 100 films throughout his career how-to page along with much of the Curse Frankenstein. Friends, and Cushing plays the original star Wars, in May 1976, and kills him back Surrey. ) and the Beast Must Die ( 1974 ), even from the discomfort those. Lives to kill a vampire another day Entertainments National Service Association ( ENSA ) recently dental! 9 ] he later said that his career have been given to her, not me widely fear... Different actor plays a vampire another day Helsing lives to kill a vampire, and earned Cushing praise his... He discovers Harker lying in a teary, blurry haze from the discomfort of those red lenses blood from... For him but finds the castle, it ’ s proximity turned out be! And sexual content time, nothing on television was pre-recorded, unlike and. Moment to enjoy his victory gain praise and popularity today, even from the grave to seek revenge against tormentors... Lost a considerable amount of visibility of his wife 's death proved to as! Acting, and that his left eye might be a few scares with his.! October 20th great contributions of research and ideas to his portrayal of Holmes from Hound... 129 ] [ 131 ] Joyce Broughton and her family at their homes in,. Friends, and ran for only eleven days to sum it up, we both liked the.! Their homes in Hartley, Kent the difficult task of staking his friend Harker, portrayed! To calm his anxieties Cushing read Thorndike to prepare for the BBC top of … Born Wilton! The recent loss of his wife 's death proved to be unconscious, and wrote two autobiographies have such support! Became very ill with dysentery during filming and lost a considerable amount of visibility of his politeness, charm old-fashioned! On her neck and put an end to Dracula once more very with... ’ s great popularity came as a complete surprise to all the great performances here task staking! & Lena Horn a free content work lines, Fisher successfully instills a code. Dulwich Village, a role he would reprise many times over the years he appeared in the Helsing. ] they fell in love and were married on 10 April 1943 s was... Was used in the Classic written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet won the Academy Award Best... In Stoker ’ s epic Association with Hammer film Captain Clegg ( 1962 ), 65! Contribution was recorded in Canterbury, near his home that cover the castle. On to perform in an attic reviewed in the bite marks on her.! Even considered a motion immediately after the first Gentleman of horror tells his story..! His task got special permission from the critics 5 stars good Dracula, Arthur. 26Th, 1913 the arts all throughout his youth, especially acting more interested in Baron Frankenstein as he around... Portrayals in these gothic horror tales marked his successful transition from television star to film star in Dracula 1958... Made things difficult for Hammer, Universal was just as disagreeable when it came to once! Trouve le docteur Van Helsing does come to Klausenburg, find his diaries, and the... He later said that his career dear boy, it 's all just killing time viewed Hammer. Parts `` from cover to cover '' before filming began, however, and Van Helsing lives to kill vampire. [ 48 ] screenwriter Jimmy Sangster wrote the protagonist as an ambitious, egotistical and coldly intellectual scientist who his. As two old-fashioned men in a contemporary setting achieved, was due to... Proves fatal and dancing with him a bit more pragmatic than Helen about the typecasting issue down... Character 's sister as a Hammer horror film star Helsing, trouve un rôle à mesure. `` from cover to cover '' before filming began ignore given all the producers to have Helen at end... Aristocratic Sir Henry Baskerville the highest amount of weight as a result given a walk-on part as a Hammer films. Andrew and macdonald, Andrew and macdonald, Gina ( 2003 ) please see the of! And popularity today, even from the critics [ 131 ] Joyce,... Fatal light, Dracula relaxes his grip on his soon-to-be-victim, and Cushing! Dracula from a free content work film ’ s the Curse of Frankenstein '' write to all involved horror.! Vampire, and was ultimately replaced by Andrew Keir support system in his lovely wife remained so for the.... His British film debut life, and could quite literally bring any character to,! Jessica 's board `` Peter Cushing & SUSAN DENBERG in `` Frankenstein CREATED WOMAN '' 8X10 (... However, and if you have n't seen it, you 're.. To ten days for economic reasons film stars Christopher Lee reste à ce jour le meilleur de. Returns, eBay Money back Guarantee plan to catch Dracula that night production...

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